HoI3 Army Organizer

HoI3 Army Organizer 0.8

This is a tool designed to help organizaing one's military in Hearts of Iron III
0.8.75 (See all)

Here is a basic idea of how the current features work on the main OOB screen:
- Rename Units - To rename, just hover your mouse over the name and it should turn to a text edit style cursor and just click the name. It will turn into an editable field which you may modify. You may not modify leader names and you may not rename regiments/ships/planes from the OOB screen - you do that in the Unit Breakdown (more on that later)
- Change Leader - Hover your mouse over a leader's picture and it should turn into a pointing hand cursor - then click on the photo. It will take you to a leader chooser dialog where you see a listing of all available leaders. You can use the checkboxes on the left side to filter the list to show leaders who have the traits you want. The way this is designed is if you check multiple traits it will show any leader who has any of the desired traits, NOT only the leaders who have ALL the traits.
- Adding Subordinate Commands - To add a completely new command under an existing one (like a army group, army or corps) just right-click on the parent you want to add them under, and there will be an option to Add Subordinate followed by a sub-menu for type. It automatically filters this list to show only what is allowed (i.e. you won't be allowed to add an army under a corps).
- Converting Command Types - This means changing an army group to an army, for example. This works similar to adding subordinate commands - using the right-click menu.
- Moving Commands Around - This is accomplished by drop and drag. Press down on a unit and drag it on top of the parent command you want it to go under and let go. The screen will automatically scroll for you if you drag the unit to the edge of the screen. You can tell if you may drop on a parent when you mouse over it the cursor will be a up arrow if it's allowed or a circle with line through it if not allowed. You may not even drag theaters around so don't even try.
- Detaching Units - You may use a Detach command in the right-click menu on a given node to detach them from their tree (and he takes all sub-nodes under him along with him)
- Fast Goto - Having trouble finding a unit? There is a Goto option from the menu and it lists every theater, army, division etc... sorted alphabetically and clicking on the names centers the OOB on that unit
- Export to JPEG - Want to save your OOB to an image file on your hard drive? Use the export menu command.
- Draw Options - Want to customize the colors and some of the styles with which the OOB is drawn? Go to Options -> Draw Options and you have a few things you may customize
For more details on your military you can use the Unit Breakdown screen accessed by View -> Unit Breakdown. In this window is a table with 3 tabs for each branch of military - land, air and sea. All your units are represented here by regiment/ship/plane and there are quite a few columns of information.

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